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Kenya “AA”


Kenya AA is probably the most well known of the ‘gourmet’ coffees. Prized for its acidity and bright touch to the palate, Kenya AA produces a complex and well rounded cup. The interesting light fruit notes (berry and citrus) combine with a touch of spice for a brew most often drunk black.



Kenya is often billed as one of the best coffee producing countries in Africa, and indeed, the world. From the highly educated small farmers to organized trade and research facilities Kenya  lives and breathes it fine coffee.

The acidic soil of Kenya’s mountain plateaus combines with its temperate climate to produce hardy coffee plants. The AA rating refers to the size of the bean, in this case the largest bean. Larger beans are considered to be of higher quality and are usually more complex in flavour than the smaller Kenya AB coffee beans. Kenya AA coffee enjoys a world wide reputation for quality and balance in the cup.

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