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Kenya Peaberry


Kenya Peaberry comes from exactly the same plants that produce the famous Kenya AA coffee.  The difference is that these special beans pack a strong, flavoursome punch.  Like the Kenya AA, the combination of fruit and spice notes still comes through but the difference is in the nutty finish.  This coffee is for those who like Kenya AA but desire a bit more piquancy.



The Peaberry is a unique coffee bean and is considered to be a flavorful if odd mutation. A standard coffee cherry contains two beans in the center. A Peaberry cherry contains only one slightly larger bean. These unique rounded beans are sifted out from the regular coffee beans during processing and are held in reserve because essentially the have all the flavour of two regular beans. Coffee brewed from these beans usually has a smooth, medium body but packs the flavor of a heavier, thicker brew.

Kenya Peaberry coffee is similar to Kenya AA in flavour with the exception of it’s black-current like finish. However this coffee is not for the faint of heart; possessing a very strong flavour and aroma it is often blended with milk for a unique and satisfying latte.

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