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Medici Espresso Blend


Wilkinson’s Medici Espresso Blend contains carefully chosen coffee beans from the world’s top coffee producing regions. This sophisticated combination of beans is roasted together to produce a single distinct character. It is this character that allows this espresso blend, with the addition of milk, to convert to the perfect Cappuccino.



Wilkinson’s Medici Espresso Blend is perhaps our most sophisticated coffee blend. It is a tribute to our master roaster that he has blended together so many different types of beans to achieve an espresso coffee that has a single distinct character.  This very dark, very rich coffee possesses an exotic spicy note not common in the average espresso blend.  It is best served in the traditional espresso manner, black with a touch of sugar.  However many of our customers tell us that they enjoy this coffee served as a cappuccino or latte.

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