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Mocha Italiano


Mocha Italiano, pure African Mocha fired by the roasters art to a shiny almost oily finish. This is an exotic continental roasted coffee. As an espresso drink Mocha Italiano is first rate, pungent and strong, this is a cup of coffee that will wake you up in the morning. At the other end of the day this roasts great strength of taste makes this continental an ideal coffee base for a milky drink like a cafe Latte.



Mocha Italiano is named for the people who love rich strong coffee. These African beans are roasted to within an inch of their life under our master roaster’s watchful eye. The resultant coffee bean gleams with its released oil and yields a strong and virile flavour.  Coffee like this makes a very special espresso, though it will serve as a dark filter coffee or cafetiere equally well.  If strength of pure coffee taste is what you desire, then Mocha Italiano Continental Blend is the way to go!

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