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Old Brown Java


Old Brown Java coffee is often labeled ‘Xtreme’, its complex combination of punchy, earthy and musty flavours combine to offer a taste unique in the coffee world. In fact the word Java has become synonymous with coffee in some countries. To be granted the title of Old Brown Java the coffee must be stored in a cave for a minimum of ten years. Old Brown Java may not be for every one, however if you enjoy a bold and earthy coffee then this is the cup



Old Brown Java is grown on the island of Java where the rich volcanic soil imparts a nearly sweet overtone. The coffee beans are wet processed and stored in caves. The constant temperature and moisture level in the caves protects the beans from the monsoon-like weather of Java allowing the beans to completely dry and age. The raw beans are a strange parchment colour and possess a musk-like scent. Old Brown Java is a very thick heavy bodied coffee. The aging and drying of the beans seems to remove the sweet overtones but punches up the earthy and spicy notes of this unique coffee. Wilkinson’s roasts these beans to only a medium level although the finished product tends to appear to be roasted to a much higher level. Special note to home roasters: This is NOT a bean for beginners! Because of the extreme dryness of the beans and their ultra pale color they seem to go from first crack level to burnt in a heart beat!

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